Patrick Neal
Patrick Neal 9 jam yang lalu
As much as I'm rooting kawhi and the clippers skip can't say that they mentally tougher than the lakers because the clippers tend to play down to the competition unless its the lakers and that was a problem pre Pandemic. That was a bad loss
J Hud
J Hud 9 jam yang lalu
They cant depend on AD to do it all. He human. JR didnt play did he
Trap323a 9 jam yang lalu
lillard put 46 on bradley stop with this bradley shyt damn
Message Ivory Wayans Voice
Message Ivory Wayans Voice 9 jam yang lalu
Jesus they talk more about his body than his actual game.
Marcelo Bernardi
Marcelo Bernardi 9 jam yang lalu
Shannon is on the money here! Anytime clippers lose: excuses, excuses, doesn’t matter, regular season game, excuses, excuses
Homie 9 jam yang lalu
Undisputed villain: Skip Bayless Real Villain: Shannon Sharpe
Smile to the World
Smile to the World 9 jam yang lalu
Im sorry but they clinched their spot in playoffs. They should play better but honestly other teams have a reason to play still. Im just happy to be able to watch basketball again during covid era.
Jonathan Bikulo
Jonathan Bikulo 9 jam yang lalu
*Aye , thank you Skip.For the first time I’ve ever seen , you gave somebody else the blame and actually gave them tips on how to mentally prepare.* Good stuff !
Makaveli chuckling
Makaveli chuckling 9 jam yang lalu
Thunder are solid, shout out to CP3 & the squad for holding it down in the wake of Westbrook leaving.
Alexander King Jr.
Alexander King Jr. 9 jam yang lalu
Notice how when the Lakers lose, Unc be 100, "in the first 3 minutes I knew" and Skip jump on the train. But when the clippers lose Skip off rip got the excuses like he writes them mid game
Kenzo Rome
Kenzo Rome 9 jam yang lalu
Shannon has always been the only objective person on this show
Eddie Bitar
Eddie Bitar 9 jam yang lalu
Davis 9 points? Nobody cared about this game, just play the bench and rest the stars already. Shocking performance
Max Kellerman
Max Kellerman 9 jam yang lalu
He got knees made of sweet potato pie
Exposing Warriors On My Channel
Exposing Warriors On My Channel 9 jam yang lalu
_I'm so tired of being called a bandwagon fan. I'm a loyal die hard Warriors fan since 2015 and the only way it changes is when another team starts doing better, for example LA Clippers._
TheDaltonGillespie 9 jam yang lalu
Dude played 25 minutes and had 23 points. He’s getting better.
NOLAY AUSTIN 9 jam yang lalu
mahoganyc miles
mahoganyc miles 9 jam yang lalu
Still one of the best Undisputed segments 😂
august 9 jam yang lalu
if he cant get his weight down to save his knees he just have to play the way Zach Randolf play
imahelpfulperson 9 jam yang lalu
Skip LOVED what Shannon was saying here!
sami sadler
sami sadler 9 jam yang lalu
All I hear is" SKIP" 🤣🤣🤣
apollo mc
apollo mc 9 jam yang lalu
in all honesty, I think they both didn't wanna play bc they clinched the 1st seed
Bille 9 jam yang lalu
Been waiting on all the excuses from Shannon, let’s go.
Shavarez Smith
Shavarez Smith 9 jam yang lalu
Sports analyst never discuss women’s weight
ANTONiO C 9 jam yang lalu
I don’t know the last time skip and shannon covered women athletics at all.
QG NR 9 jam yang lalu
all that good vegan food he can probably eat and have catered to him. hope zion get right.
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez 9 jam yang lalu
Jordan would’ve won😏
Marquise Walston
Marquise Walston 9 jam yang lalu
If he’s playing, he’s gonna be DOMINATING. Simple as that. HOWEVER I don’t wanna see him become Shaq 2.0, meaning his own health stops himself from reaching 100% potential. Hope he’s more like LeBron in terms of dieting & remaining at great physical shape from start to finish.
Cam - G
Cam - G 9 jam yang lalu
They haven’t tlked abt the pacers ?🤔
David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer
David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer 9 jam yang lalu
Man just give him another month or so of hoopin even if the pels get eliminated from making the playoffs and he’ll be back in shape. 💪🏽🏀
terryts2 9 jam yang lalu
Umm... I thought the thunder won. Why is this about the lakers?
Mohamed El Nahas
Mohamed El Nahas 9 jam yang lalu
Zion needs to let his feet get checked
Nosson Freed
Nosson Freed 9 jam yang lalu
if zion does not get down to a good weight like 250, his career is over. He has to listen Barkley. He is so explosive but his knees are going to bust from the wear and tear on them.
thelegendsqb1 9 jam yang lalu
Forreal. A 250 lb Zion would be hella explosive
Isac Fredheim
Isac Fredheim 9 jam yang lalu
Jenny is one of the most attractive woman in the world.
newbert moore
newbert moore 9 jam yang lalu
Prince Jay
Prince Jay 9 jam yang lalu
There’s a million other women just as attractive or more attractive than her
QG NR 9 jam yang lalu
trollsRtrix 9 jam yang lalu
Shannon talk a lot of bull jive🙄
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 9 jam yang lalu
Zion is Zion because of his size. Lose 30 or 40 pounds he will lose his dominance
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 9 jam yang lalu
I want them to make the finals and win, but I’m ready to be let down by the lakers come playoff time.
Garrett B
Garrett B 9 jam yang lalu
Black Ceaser
Black Ceaser 9 jam yang lalu
These Lakers aren't winning a championship. They have huge holes.
Z M 9 jam yang lalu
Lakers win: Talk about how good LeBron and AD are as a duo Lakers lose: "These games don't matter" It's like no sports show ever gives the opposing teams (OKC, Raptors) the props they deserve instead of justifying why a team lost. Maybe the Lakers TRIED their best but the other team was just...better??
Smile to the World
Smile to the World 9 jam yang lalu
Raptors looked good for sure . Team ball displayed. Ball moves faster than players exploited
Christopher Ho
Christopher Ho 9 jam yang lalu
he just gotta play his way into shape
Troy Parker Jr
Troy Parker Jr 9 jam yang lalu
You mean lose weight lol
Taco 9 jam yang lalu
Wtf bron and ad don’t go to shoot around? Lol
Black Ceaser
Black Ceaser 9 jam yang lalu
I'm mad that all fans of Lebron teams know within the first few minutes whether they're going to play hard or not.
Jonathan Bikulo
Jonathan Bikulo 9 jam yang lalu
The Lakers just had a garbage shooting night lol
Demarcus Billups
Demarcus Billups 9 jam yang lalu
Lakers not winning the championship. Too inconsistent, not deep enough. This is coming from a fan.
GABRIELA ACEVEDO 9 jam yang lalu
What they doing with Zion is similar to what Nationals were doing with Stephen Strasburg
Pac Meez
Pac Meez 9 jam yang lalu
Cody MacCarroll
Cody MacCarroll 9 jam yang lalu
Skip was so excited to come to work this morning 😂
Born with a Golden Spoon
Born with a Golden Spoon 9 jam yang lalu
No idea how you sit out 4 months and Zion is still out of shape.. WTF was he doing that whole time?? Eating cheeseburgers and playing 2k🤣🤣🤣
Spider 1996
Spider 1996 9 jam yang lalu
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Good one.
thelegendsqb1 9 jam yang lalu
That pic of a “slimmer” Zion was all hype. He’s still the chunky penguin that we know him as.
Low Distortion
Low Distortion 9 jam yang lalu
Sounds good to me 🤣 except the 2k part
thelegendsqb1 9 jam yang lalu
Zion is a thiccer Larry Johnson
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 9 jam yang lalu
If the Blazers make the 8th seed, they could pull an upset in the first round
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson 9 jam yang lalu
The difference between objective Shannon and D-riding Shannon is night and day it's like 2 different people
Truth Gaming
Truth Gaming 9 jam yang lalu
I didnt watch the game... I saw the score and was like "oh, it was the Thunder, and the starters didn't play so..." But damn, they played?
Kendrick 9 jam yang lalu
(Coming from a laker fan) People will try to tell you the lakers didn’t try but they did... cp3 was just flat out amazing yesterday.
David Marshall
David Marshall 9 jam yang lalu
I was wondering if they threw this game to try to push OKC above the rockets so clippers will have to play them if they drop below Denver.
UK Rays
UK Rays 9 jam yang lalu
Gloves gate 2.0. Why you not talking about this guys 👀
Ike Armistad
Ike Armistad 9 jam yang lalu
L Kawhi leaves raptors are a top seed Leviton leaves Lakers crumble
Scorpion vs Everybody
Scorpion vs Everybody 9 jam yang lalu
Me laughing at everyone who grilling the lakers those seeding games matter only to the teams who dont want to see them second round we can manipulate the standings just chill out
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 9 jam yang lalu
So Instead of talking about how great the Thunder played last night they're talking about how bad the Lakers played
Mike Jonez
Mike Jonez 9 jam yang lalu
I get just casually playing starters and then playing your bench players after a quarter to kind of keep them safe for the playoffs. The Lakers played like as regardless and have no depth to back up Lebron and AD so if either plays bad, Its over.
sameer wafa
sameer wafa 9 jam yang lalu
At the end of the day Lebron will be Lebron in the playoffs and dominate like he always has. They already clinched the west so they’re not trying rn.
Dagga DaGahd
Dagga DaGahd 9 jam yang lalu
Kmsl its amazing how Shannon tried to use Dennis to discredit MJ but now he's like he can't defend lebron!! I thought he was a great defender Shannon so great that you took credit away from Jordan