Sky Brown Intro Package
2 tahun yang lalu
gullinvarg 8 jam yang lalu
She has the biggest eyes in the world (in a cute way). 👁️👁️
mr independent
mr independent 8 jam yang lalu
Can't believe they took football off to replace it with this crap.I guess some people need something to watch when the Kardashians are not on
TheFutureofYesterday 8 jam yang lalu
Ummm.... 🤔 No.......
Blue Sea
Blue Sea 8 jam yang lalu
Did the guy fall on 0:14?
Jamie 8 jam yang lalu
So we're gonna have to suffer through a season-full of cat themed songs just to drive home that she likes cats, huh? While we're at it, Disney night is next! It'll be: - Everybody wants to be a cat (Aristocats) - Circle of life (Lion King) - We are Siamese (Lady and the tramp) - Cheshire cat song (Cinderella)
Jamie 9 jam yang lalu
Am I like, the only one who doesn't mind Tyra? The pauses weren't even that long, try watching The Voice, sometimes Carson waits so long you have to Google the results because the show ended.
Lxvely_jaylyn 00
Lxvely_jaylyn 00 9 jam yang lalu
At 0:30 she pulled his hair
Aventuras do Lucca Santana
Aventuras do Lucca Santana 9 jam yang lalu
Shavon 9 jam yang lalu
I smiled through the ENTIRE video!
Fenny Jie
Fenny Jie 9 jam yang lalu
That was beautiful!!
Ami Michelle
Ami Michelle 9 jam yang lalu
Poor Pasha he deserves a lot of money for this 💩
Jay Raider
Jay Raider 9 jam yang lalu
If I'm that dude I'd refuse. One wrong step and I could be just like her 2nd husband.
Strawberryxxplayz 9 jam yang lalu
I agree no hate but I dont think Tyra should be the host
Scooter Agnew
Scooter Agnew 9 jam yang lalu
This was so bad on her part it was actually a bit painful to watch.
Julie S
Julie S 9 jam yang lalu
Unbelievable this woman's a questionable suspect in her hubs disappearance she shouldn't even be on here
Lillylil Velez
Lillylil Velez 9 jam yang lalu
Lol I love it !!!! She can dance very well
Sydney Allen
Sydney Allen 9 jam yang lalu
Tyra, honey. No! No one cares that you changed costumes. No one cares you lost your earring. And can you not sit still? It's only been two episodes and I can't count the times I've seen you moving and stumbling in the background. Sit down and just announce like you are supposed to.
Sydney Allen
Sydney Allen 10 jam yang lalu
I love this duo so much and they can only get better. But, I never understand why they can ever use appropriate music for the type of dance.
Charlie Echo
Charlie Echo 10 jam yang lalu
It's being reported a cadaver dog is being used to detect a corpse close to her missing husbands property...
Mia Quintana
Mia Quintana 10 jam yang lalu
what has 2020 become?
Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith 10 jam yang lalu
Wtf...smh....she's a star now
MeaOntheSea 10 jam yang lalu
Please tell me John Mulaney has seen this
Rebecca Ruuz
Rebecca Ruuz 10 jam yang lalu
When is she going to dance to maneater
My Hoang
My Hoang 10 jam yang lalu
such a boss!!!! IM ROOTING FOR YOU
Claire 10 jam yang lalu
Omg thats a big oof- damn
ncf1 10 jam yang lalu
So even killers are allowed on this show these days? Are you kidding me?!
RodMarion360 Vlog
RodMarion360 Vlog 10 jam yang lalu
Miss independent doesn’t need a man just a little “hair” help! 😂
Amelia K
Amelia K 10 jam yang lalu
From a violinist perspective I don't think she is actually playing live. At 01:25 Mark flips her and if you look closely at 01:27 you can see that her bow is not moving but the sound doesn't stop. Also a lot of her fingerings don't look right. Btw I am not saying she cannot play I am simply saying that she most likely wasn't actually playing live.
angelgal 10 jam yang lalu
as be should
Kam. BB
Kam. BB 11 jam yang lalu
Its so funny funny this show is still a thing lmao
aly 11 jam yang lalu
Love her but this is kind of stiff
Sienna Weng
Sienna Weng 11 jam yang lalu
Gage Wilson
Gage Wilson 11 jam yang lalu
She is terrible
Ali B
Ali B 11 jam yang lalu
with rotten to the core mal that sound wrong. you know im only 10 right
silkexkaname 11 jam yang lalu
WHAT!!! OMG !! I love how I just randomly hear Dynamite in all kinds of dance shows lately!! But he danced well!!
Karen Hampton
Karen Hampton 11 jam yang lalu
Great job Tyra. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Karen Hampton
Karen Hampton 11 jam yang lalu
It's not suppose to be the same . She's not them, she suppose to give her own twist and taste. People dont like change and expect the new person to be the same way as the last person (I've been guilty of this) Understand that production is in Tyra"s ear telling her what to speed up or slow down (once they tell her to slow down then she has to have a quick response to fill in those extra seconds and what better than to talk about yourself to a avoid pausing or being stuck (this is very common and many host do this if you pay attention) smh. But when you don't like someone then you constantly criticize and complain about everything they do. Then with all the changes going on, we don't know how much of the production crew is new and adjusting to their job (and that means with Tyra having the mic when they mess up she is responsible for keeping the show moving. I applaud Tyra for taking all this on. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 She slayed. 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
Nnekesi Stewart
Nnekesi Stewart 11 jam yang lalu
Skai nearly pulls toupee of his head Me:not the wig sis...dayummm
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 11 jam yang lalu
We need her to do the Carol Baskin song. She will win
Denis Edwards
Denis Edwards 11 jam yang lalu
Its like watching to women dancing
Well Mixed
Well Mixed 11 jam yang lalu
Well Mixed
Well Mixed 12 jam yang lalu
Nelly is a little bit stiff but I know he's a good dancer
Danielle Thibault
Danielle Thibault 12 jam yang lalu
I don’t care about what the choose for music nothing is as bad as what carol chose but the outfits they chose are cute!!!! Dancing was okay I give any athlete props for showing flexibility in what they can do!
Jennifer Rivera
Jennifer Rivera 12 jam yang lalu
That hair snatch was everything lol let's just be glad it wasn't a
Danielle Thibault
Danielle Thibault 12 jam yang lalu
Wow he did so well!!
Hugginsince79 12 jam yang lalu
SNL skit when SNL was funny
Hugginsince79 12 jam yang lalu
SNL skit when SNL was funny
Kara Brittany
Kara Brittany 12 jam yang lalu
I was getting tense when they didn't call Skai 'til the end.
Jannette Teston
Jannette Teston 12 jam yang lalu
She is not a star, only got recognized for possibly murdering her husband. She does not need to be on DWTS, she can't even dance! If she needs more money and fame, write a memoir or tell more of her details in documentary films.
lucille scheepers
lucille scheepers 12 jam yang lalu
Jeanie is stunning wow!💪👐👐👐👐👐👐👐
she really said "why we going so fucking fast"
Zahra Abdo
Zahra Abdo 12 jam yang lalu
Julian Glickman
Julian Glickman 12 jam yang lalu
The best part was Erin trying to show everyone that Bruno was crying.
Kerly Miranplu
Kerly Miranplu 12 jam yang lalu
Susie Mya
Susie Mya 12 jam yang lalu
Terrible. Fyi seen katilyn's scores? The one with the hurt ankle and one without and dark lights on- chrishell.
Susie Mya
Susie Mya 13 jam yang lalu
The dark lights are put on her bcos she cant dance. Can i say bristowe had a hurt ankle and her score is called talent and dark lights are shown on to one without. Why is she casted in DWTS?
Jay Bessent
Jay Bessent 13 jam yang lalu
Omg skai!!!
i have *d a d d y i s s u s s*
i have *d a d d y i s s u s s* 13 jam yang lalu
princess liuz
princess liuz 13 jam yang lalu
Jennie dance into feel the steps you look like to tik toc move by move dont stress anx remember every mive jist groove into it
princess liuz
princess liuz 13 jam yang lalu
She reminds me of adriennne herr
Shesdarlyb 13 jam yang lalu
Why the song doesn’t match the dance?! I be so confused it be throwing me off 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Jennifer Dickey
Jennifer Dickey 13 jam yang lalu
When Cameron's death I was wondering if there would be a 4th movie
Danielle Lee
Danielle Lee 13 jam yang lalu
Peep tyra almost wiping out
Geri 13 jam yang lalu
AJ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
CALYPSO PETE 13 jam yang lalu
Absolutely beautiful
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 14 jam yang lalu
I love her!!! She held on to his hair and pulled herself back up like a pro he may have lost an inch or two but love herr
Bev Wood
Bev Wood 14 jam yang lalu
I miss Tom,
Jennifer Murdock
Jennifer Murdock 14 jam yang lalu
Ok can we cool it with the canned audience please? Thank you
Patrick Rose
Patrick Rose 14 jam yang lalu
SOMEONE should be arrested for this
Michael Jaeb
Michael Jaeb 14 jam yang lalu
Dani is SOO GOOD! She us quickly becoming one of my favs! Fav part is 0:45
Reginald Andrews
Reginald Andrews 14 jam yang lalu
Good to see this guy doing stuff again!! He's alright!!👍
Andrea Larsen
Andrea Larsen 14 jam yang lalu
How I pull my mans hair when he eating the 😸😂
Rebecca Gonzalez
Rebecca Gonzalez 15 jam yang lalu
Rebecca Gonzalez
Rebecca Gonzalez 15 jam yang lalu
Amy Gonzales
Amy Gonzales 15 jam yang lalu
And they'll divorce 10 minutes later after saying I do.
Lily Rosee
Lily Rosee 15 jam yang lalu
haha who’s here from tiktok😭😭😭
Donna Tarbutton
Donna Tarbutton 15 jam yang lalu
Negev and Jenna are so cute
Mommee First
Mommee First 15 jam yang lalu
Ok Nelly show MO of that STL swag.
Bhavik Upadhyaya
Bhavik Upadhyaya 15 jam yang lalu
She's gonna feed her partner to a tiger
StormingCobra55 15 jam yang lalu
Now we have to watch Carole ruin the Lion King. Thanks a lot, Derek and Carrie Ann.