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What's In My Bag | Lisa Rhee
10 bulan yang lalu
roody doody
roody doody 12 menit yang lalu
انو مو مصدقه نفسي التعلمت الرقصه بيوم واو 🤯🥳
Janise Xiong
Janise Xiong 14 menit yang lalu
Omg thank u for covering this I been waiting for my IDshowr that does this song but she never took my request so I stopped asking thank u so much for covering this song.
Ririn Nabillah
Ririn Nabillah 14 menit yang lalu
Ouuuf, hwasa sister??😳
He'y Armys
He'y Armys 17 menit yang lalu
Estou aqui para Apresentaçao dos BR tendeu?
baeeda younis
baeeda younis 23 menit yang lalu
You are 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😻😻😻😻🌹🌹🌹🌹
Jamless Army
Jamless Army 35 menit yang lalu
Petition for lisa to participate in the hylt contest to get 10million won 👇🏻
prakruthi shetty
prakruthi shetty 44 menit yang lalu
You should take part in the dance cover contest I'm sure u will win
Yuni_ Do
Yuni_ Do 48 menit yang lalu
Eonnie tutorial dance into the I land please
DRAMA NIME 58 menit yang lalu
Chabella Sy
Chabella Sy Jam Yang lalu
This is super hard
Alpaca Jin
Alpaca Jin Jam Yang lalu
You should join the Blackpink competition that they are having right now
Larissa Rhannia
Larissa Rhannia Jam Yang lalu
Cenário novo , senti falta do urso aaaaaa❤❤❤ maravilhosa como sempre😍😍
Itzy? Itzy!
Itzy? Itzy! Jam Yang lalu
Lisa! Will you do the dance contest of blackpink?
Itzy? Itzy!
Itzy? Itzy! Jam Yang lalu
In 40 minutes I learn half of the music! You're amazing Lisa Rhee ♡
하늘 Hanneul
하늘 Hanneul Jam Yang lalu
She looks like seulgi doing a solo ver of rbb kdbdgshahdh
puppy lion
puppy lion Jam Yang lalu
you have to participate in dance contest for hylt!
Sofía González
Sofía González Jam Yang lalu
JV Casio
JV Casio 2 jam yang lalu
#jungshook 😱😱😱👏👏👏
Erika Mesa
Erika Mesa 2 jam yang lalu
Yeyyyyyy I'm early
Erika Mesa
Erika Mesa 2 jam yang lalu
Yey im in
Sophie Krakauer
Sophie Krakauer 2 jam yang lalu
You dance really well! I’m trying my best to learn from you :,) I also love all of your outfits in every video
Kai Lia
Kai Lia 2 jam yang lalu
Who's here after BlackPink announced the dance cover contest? I'm rooting for Lisa Rhee!! I hope you'll join🥺
Florallizziegal 2 jam yang lalu
Just a note for myself, don't mind me! 😂 Continue scrolling! 👍 Have a great day! 😁❤ 0:59
- Melp -
- Melp - 2 jam yang lalu
1.5x is basically normal speed of the slow version xd
Nhung Ha
Nhung Ha 3 jam yang lalu
Thank you so much 😊
Hoseok’s wife
Hoseok’s wife 3 jam yang lalu
Do you guys think l can do it , l am scared what if l fail
Blue 2 jam yang lalu
just try and keep doing it over and over again even if u fail,you'll do it better :)
Artistically 3 jam yang lalu
Angel_ajah 2049
Angel_ajah 2049 3 jam yang lalu
Angel_ajah 2049
Angel_ajah 2049 3 jam yang lalu
w a y
w a y 3 jam yang lalu
gay for lisa
euphoric_ Jeon
euphoric_ Jeon 3 jam yang lalu
What I love about Lisa is... She doesn't have a lot of blabber. So it would really be too easy to learn from her. Love you Lisa and thank you❤️
starx light
starx light 3 jam yang lalu
Hope you join the BP dance cover contest!!!
Sharmaine Asis
Sharmaine Asis 3 jam yang lalu
stray kids god's menu and easy dance tutorial please!
Solo K-Poper Y Poquito Kallysta
Solo K-Poper Y Poquito Kallysta 3 jam yang lalu
Lisaa please apply to the How You Like That dance cover contest (You will win uwu)
Ashley Vincent
Ashley Vincent 3 jam yang lalu
Hope lisa rhee participates in the "how you like that" dance contest... Who is here to support her...
Rayssa Army
Rayssa Army 3 jam yang lalu
Eu estou tentando. 😀
Daniela Aguilar Macotela
Daniela Aguilar Macotela 3 jam yang lalu
Es hermosa talentosa .. Porq no es una idol.lo amaria tanto
Hi To ok
Hi To ok 4 jam yang lalu
cesarforky8999 Titanielica
cesarforky8999 Titanielica 4 jam yang lalu
Omg i love you🖤💗
miya 4 jam yang lalu
makes a cover of "make you happy" of niziu, pls
Pauleen Valdez
Pauleen Valdez 4 jam yang lalu
Lisa Rhee haters:she's so bad at dancing me:have u seen her dance so good
Nancy Yaneth Reyes
Nancy Yaneth Reyes 4 jam yang lalu
Cover Stray Kids God's Menu?
seiju kamisama
seiju kamisama 4 jam yang lalu
Es exactamente el tipo de video instructivo que estaba buscando, Lo amooo🥺😍🥰❤
Tvcjensoo 4 jam yang lalu
I'm joining the competition they are holding and I found this so helpful
Cup of tae
Cup of tae 4 jam yang lalu
First Chorus: 2:03
Jerry Torres
Jerry Torres 4 jam yang lalu
Thank u for the dance tutorial
Alexia Doty
Alexia Doty 4 jam yang lalu
Thank You!❤
diario bitiessi ヅ
diario bitiessi ヅ 4 jam yang lalu
Cara se essa menina fizer um Random dance kpop ela vai saber todas
Glitter Puppet
Glitter Puppet 4 jam yang lalu
You better join the how you like that contest or im gonna cry and unsub you (never unsubing to you)
Nathalya Sanchez
Nathalya Sanchez 4 jam yang lalu
Wow , me , gusta , eso ,
ε Park - Byeol з
ε Park - Byeol з 4 jam yang lalu
1:01 No one : Subtitle : for under sh*t mother saw her XD
Elyssa XoXo
Elyssa XoXo 4 jam yang lalu
I wanna learn so bad but I can imagine myself forgetting the dance while performing ._.
Rtn Ayu
Rtn Ayu 5 jam yang lalu
Thankyouuu onnie!!
Blink iludida
Blink iludida 5 jam yang lalu
if i could dance like you instead of walking i would dance lol congratulations you are very talented❤
Josué Valar
Josué Valar 5 jam yang lalu
If you can do it slow you can do it quickly
BABYMOCHII 5 jam yang lalu
imlisarhee?? more like imirenerhee
Andreia Freitas
Andreia Freitas 5 jam yang lalu
Adorei a coreografia
jackelin aponte
jackelin aponte 5 jam yang lalu
horrible tu baile no me gusta lo hace mejor blackpink
LordGirlTherese ;-;
LordGirlTherese ;-; 6 jam yang lalu
I learned the dance under 4 days! Thank you so much lisarhee!!! Your so amazing on dancing!! 😄
Kori Quintero
Kori Quintero 6 jam yang lalu
Si supieran cuantas veces e visto este video probablemente me demandarian por acoso visual XD
Tatyana Da Silva
Tatyana Da Silva 6 jam yang lalu
Como podes concegir los trajes?
Roseanne Park
Roseanne Park 6 jam yang lalu
actually they watch your dance cover because it is the easiest, not your dancing you dance so ugly, i'm sorry
シᴍɪɴᴄᴀᴛ98 7 jam yang lalu
SONG : *_MARIA // HWASA_* 🌹 0:04 - _PART 1 [SLOW MUSIC]_ 0:43 - _PART 1 [MIRRORED]_ 1:06 - _PART 2 [SLOW MUSIC]_ 1:33 - _PART 2 [MIRRORED]_ 1:52 - _PART 3 [SLOW MUSIC]_ 2:20 - _PART 3 [MIRRORED]_ 2:37 - _PART 4 [SLOW MUSIC]_ 3:32 - _PART 4 [MIRRORED]_ 4:08 - _PART 5 [SLOW MUSIC]_ 4:59 - _PART 5 [MIRRORED]_ 5:28 - _PART 4 [MIRRORED]_ 5:44 - _PART 6 [SLOW MUSIC]_ 6:09 - _PART 6 [MIRRORED]_ 6:30 - _PART 7 [SLOW MUSIC]_ 7:06 - _PART 7 [MIRRORED]_ 7:31 - _PART 8 [SLOW MUSIC]_ 8:02 - _PART 8 [MIRRORED]_ 8:21 - _FREESTYLE_ 8:34 - _PART 6 [MIRRORED]_
brithany Garcia
brithany Garcia 7 jam yang lalu
brithany Garcia
brithany Garcia 7 jam yang lalu
Muchos besos
Fatima Fatma
Fatima Fatma 7 jam yang lalu
valeria martinez
valeria martinez 7 jam yang lalu
have more BTS tutorials I want to learn choreography from them and I can only with you
Aldo Bonifiglio
Aldo Bonifiglio 7 jam yang lalu
Marya Eduarda Winckler
Marya Eduarda Winckler 7 jam yang lalu
My name is Marya
Mi- Ra- Y
Mi- Ra- Y 8 jam yang lalu
Mc Ddak
Mc Ddak 8 jam yang lalu
I learned Feel special for 3 months and I'm Gonna learn this for 5 months I can't Lisa rhee is so talented
Maryem Meyram
Maryem Meyram 8 jam yang lalu
Waaaaw cuuuuuut bb IlOVE YOU
nuvem 8 jam yang lalu
Eu sou o contrário brasileiro que você ta procurando.!
Lina Nonoké
Lina Nonoké 8 jam yang lalu
so talented beautiful thank your for everything
Lina Nonoké
Lina Nonoké 8 jam yang lalu
you are amazing keep going girl, perfect
نودي نايتي
نودي نايتي 8 jam yang lalu
اعملي تدريب علي الاغنيه 😘😘😘😘
Jamile Souza
Jamile Souza 8 jam yang lalu
Algum brasileiro amei a coreografia já aprendi
savanna bruce
savanna bruce 9 jam yang lalu
me puting little slow mow then normal then fast and am learning the whole dance its very easy accauclty after u learn it
Jamile Souza
Jamile Souza 9 jam yang lalu
Estou toda suada agora obg amei o vídeo
bruna raquel
bruna raquel 9 jam yang lalu
Melhor vídeo do munnnnnndo dessa coregrafia aaaaaaata bom de mais .
Ice 9 jam yang lalu
Everything is fine until she started dancing on the ground 😂
MSP SENACIKK 9 jam yang lalu
I love you 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷💚❤💙❤💙
Camilo Silva
Camilo Silva 9 jam yang lalu
Camilo Silva
Camilo Silva 9 jam yang lalu
SooAh TV
SooAh TV 9 jam yang lalu
Eu fico empressionado como essa mulher dança tão bem!😍
Camilo Silva
Camilo Silva 9 jam yang lalu
Hola bts
Camilo Silva
Camilo Silva 9 jam yang lalu
Hola bts
Ice 9 jam yang lalu
Im gonna prac 1:52 (part 3) and 2:39 (part 4) 😂
JIHANE MOHACHTOU 9 jam yang lalu
هل حياة هذه البنت كلها رقص
Yağmur Dasdəmirova
Yağmur Dasdəmirova 9 jam yang lalu
Yağmur Dasdəmirova
Yağmur Dasdəmirova 9 jam yang lalu
Fatima González
Fatima González 10 jam yang lalu
I would like you to do the dance of 'God menu' of 'Stray kids'
dama s sobachkoy
dama s sobachkoy 10 jam yang lalu
Merari Peinado
Merari Peinado 10 jam yang lalu
Excuse me, could you do the step-by-step choreography of Lay Back by Veri Very?!, I would love to learn it with you, thank you, I love your tutorials❤❤
Jessica 10 jam yang lalu
P E L İ N 10 jam yang lalu
Sooo thankss ❤
Sol Nuñez
Sol Nuñez 10 jam yang lalu
Q linda
AbBy yang
AbBy yang 10 jam yang lalu
I just wanna learn that...... "da da dat that" moves 😆 love it !
MultiArmy 11 jam yang lalu
Please rest, Queen! 😭💖💖💖
Fernanda Canales Sermeño
Fernanda Canales Sermeño 11 jam yang lalu
エリザベス[ELIZABETH] 11 jam yang lalu
I have QuEsTiOn does learning boy kpop group dances improve on your/mine dancing?