Ujwal Sanjeev
Ujwal Sanjeev 8 detik yang lalu
Binod fans 🤘🤘
Z _King
Z _King 12 detik yang lalu
It’s only been like a day and 3 mil views O_O
Samuel White
Samuel White 12 detik yang lalu
The sirens you dummy Love your vids
Misz Neena Alin
Misz Neena Alin 13 detik yang lalu
i already SUBSCRIBE
xClutch 34 detik yang lalu
you should try pixelmon, its basically pokemon in minecraft and its really fun
Kabuki Senpai
Kabuki Senpai 38 detik yang lalu
I like karl since my name is karl and most karl name starts with a C so we rare!
Loverboy NeL - Topic
Loverboy NeL - Topic 51 detik yang lalu
send dream pokemon cards
Tyroxinas -
Tyroxinas - Menit Yang lalu
As someone who knows alot bout rlcraft and even how to beat dragons without armor... This hurts.
Night sky
Night sky Menit Yang lalu
RLcraft is a hard game
Brogan Nyholm
Brogan Nyholm Menit Yang lalu
Karl: HOW IS MY SWORD OUT I USED IT 3 TIMES!?! me: *thats a wooden shovel*
Balake31 2 menit yang lalu
You should play ark
smart dragon
smart dragon 2 menit yang lalu
Please give me ps4
WILLGETUM1 The Noob network!!
WILLGETUM1 The Noob network!! 2 menit yang lalu
You should buy as many bikes as you can & give them to every kid you see. & you should make your friends do the ghost 👻 pepper 🌶 challenge and for every pepper they eat they get 1k. Lol
Gavin Grim
Gavin Grim 2 menit yang lalu
Hello there
Rutzman 2 menit yang lalu
Give dream $1,000,000 dollars
Samuel White
Samuel White 2 menit yang lalu
Beast: downloads RL craft as the hardest mod Socks for one: puny child
Millan Singh
Millan Singh 3 menit yang lalu
Does mr beast reply?
The Night Hunter
The Night Hunter 3 menit yang lalu
I can survive longer with my self than they can with 3 people
Th3 K1ll3r
Th3 K1ll3r 3 menit yang lalu
Bro thanks at least i know your videos arent clickbait
FunFerno 3 menit yang lalu
"maybe his luck will turn around" killed me
Mega_someone 3 menit yang lalu
Because they can headshot you and u die
DryDonut [Official]
DryDonut [Official] 4 menit yang lalu
Send Dream 1 mil
Mr mooon
Mr mooon 4 menit yang lalu
can you buy me Minecraft account plz plz
Axherz 4 menit yang lalu
Why do these winners have like no reaction bruh
Teroy Bang
Teroy Bang 4 menit yang lalu
I needed to take a shot today but I know it's not as bad as tooth paste and orange juice
dokier poker
dokier poker 4 menit yang lalu
Send dream a pickle jar and a barbie play set
Communist Cat
Communist Cat 5 menit yang lalu
He has keep inventory on lol
THE Jebwite
THE Jebwite 5 menit yang lalu
THE Jebwite
THE Jebwite 5 menit yang lalu
Epic Win Face Pie
Epic Win Face Pie 5 menit yang lalu
I really wanna play this now lol
MYTIC GAMER 5 menit yang lalu
carls shirt is transparent XD
THE Jebwite
THE Jebwite 5 menit yang lalu
Brogan Nyholm
Brogan Nyholm 5 menit yang lalu
*hits him with fist although has a dagger* 6:14
THE Jebwite
THE Jebwite 5 menit yang lalu
LANCE 87 5 menit yang lalu
Minecraft is awesome and all but i think they should try other games
Yugal Kishore Prasad
Yugal Kishore Prasad 5 menit yang lalu
Syljom Salutin
Syljom Salutin 5 menit yang lalu
mrbeast: hardest mod in all of Minecraft. Socksfor1:first time?
Adam Pro9000
Adam Pro9000 6 menit yang lalu
Can you guys play fall guys
Dread Crusader
Dread Crusader 6 menit yang lalu
Who wants Dream to beat RLCraft?
låûrën Rodriguez
låûrën Rodriguez 6 menit yang lalu
If chandler see's this it would be a miracle and one question,where is Chris?
foxtred hmil
foxtred hmil 6 menit yang lalu
Alton Lim
Alton Lim 6 menit yang lalu
U can ask the IDshowd forge labs to teach u how to play RL CRAFT
Josh Trew
Josh Trew 6 menit yang lalu
Please may u give my IDshow channel a shoutout . It is called josh trew
mickle pickle
mickle pickle 6 menit yang lalu
Karls laugh is like it
Nandan M
Nandan M 7 menit yang lalu
Karl voice is like crainer,youtuber
Devil Moon
Devil Moon 7 menit yang lalu
1 mil like plssss
Devin Carranza
Devin Carranza 7 menit yang lalu
I wish I was there but I play on phone :(
Oscar efhhesdxcjvgh
Oscar efhhesdxcjvgh 7 menit yang lalu
When it is a modpack and not a mod
FranzXD Teves
FranzXD Teves 7 menit yang lalu
Finally karl gets a facecam
Windows XP memes and stuff lol
Windows XP memes and stuff lol 8 menit yang lalu
MrBeast, Can you please invite Felix in one of your videos?
XxPotato _ArmyxX
XxPotato _ArmyxX 8 menit yang lalu
They’re not Mermaids, they’re Sirens
Scarlet Bolcskey-Hullick
Scarlet Bolcskey-Hullick 8 menit yang lalu
Give Dream 1,0000000
NoWay Gaming
NoWay Gaming 8 menit yang lalu
If toothpaste is ingested, call a Poison Control Center right away
Toxic 8 menit yang lalu
9:47 karl happily eating toothpaste
David Ward
David Ward 8 menit yang lalu
It’s like skeppy lol it’s always 100 players
wolfie the wolf
wolfie the wolf 8 menit yang lalu
bby blu
bby blu 8 menit yang lalu
i want gavots skin lmao-
DemandedFlame 8 menit yang lalu
He can't even beat normal Minecraft
mini kyloren is cracked
mini kyloren is cracked 8 menit yang lalu
Chris just angered the blood god by saying its not even a competition
Annie Tolledo
Annie Tolledo 8 menit yang lalu
mr beast you should make this a series like playing this mod mc full
Goosey cyclone rl
Goosey cyclone rl 8 menit yang lalu
I like how Chandler just uses his fists even tho he had a sword and a dagger