Sam Hwang Llama
Sam Hwang Llama 2 jam yang lalu
This feels like a job interview, hyori and jung hwa are the interviewers while the idols are the applicants, their resumés are their albums 🤣🤣🤣
Miel pops
Miel pops 2 jam yang lalu
They're having a shoot in a cold weather aren't they
Random Nana
Random Nana 2 jam yang lalu
Abisola Kpop Fan
Abisola Kpop Fan 2 jam yang lalu
Sooooo cute!!!
Radelyn Pulga
Radelyn Pulga 2 jam yang lalu
umu jinwoo😍♥️
Im OK 2 jam yang lalu
The title.... such a click bait for us 😂 they know if they put real "wrestler" player people might not watch it 😂👀
Taetiful Kook
Taetiful Kook 2 jam yang lalu
when a kid is more mature than i am
Priti Odedra
Priti Odedra 2 jam yang lalu
Okay. I know I am late. Literally just finished Terius behind me and now I am in love with him. What do I do with myself? I need help 😫
Juliah Art
Juliah Art 2 jam yang lalu
Appa, Nuna, Hyeong & Dongsaeng..all of them Army😍😍😍❤Saranghea
Aarushi Kalra
Aarushi Kalra 2 jam yang lalu
I have seen this video around 1000 times just for hobi's sunshine smile and Jungkook's cool dance 😭😭😭
Ai Mori
Ai Mori 2 jam yang lalu
New fan of whasa because of mukbang.. o.0
Crown Jinu
Crown Jinu 2 jam yang lalu
Park Jinwoo is too cute 😍💙
Meryl D
Meryl D 2 jam yang lalu
I bet gunhoo would turn out to be nice man when he grows up
Nicca Tesado
Nicca Tesado 2 jam yang lalu
Jennie's Ruby
Jennie's Ruby 2 jam yang lalu
Am I only one who finds this funny!?😂🤣.
Ralph R.
Ralph R. 2 jam yang lalu
Jennie is a queen indeed. She must be really really nice off cam because the team is cheering on her as well. 😭😭😭
방탄소년단박지민 2 jam yang lalu
Jungwoo replaced Winwin on Cherry bomb
Nicca Tesado
Nicca Tesado 2 jam yang lalu
Nicca Tesado
Nicca Tesado 2 jam yang lalu
nine kawaiixi
nine kawaiixi 2 jam yang lalu
I loved this scene 💗🤩
rebbeca christine
rebbeca christine 2 jam yang lalu
Annessa B
Annessa B 2 jam yang lalu
rebbeca christine
rebbeca christine 2 jam yang lalu
rebbeca christine
rebbeca christine 2 jam yang lalu
Phoo Pwint Khine
Phoo Pwint Khine 2 jam yang lalu
Heyyy, don’t touch Choi seung Hyun!!!
Nabila Lisna
Nabila Lisna 2 jam yang lalu
nine kawaiixi
nine kawaiixi 2 jam yang lalu
Poor Anne 😭😔
nine kawaiixi
nine kawaiixi 2 jam yang lalu
Livia Huang
Livia Huang 2 jam yang lalu
Hahaha I saw BTS on TV
Carmen Chen
Carmen Chen 2 jam yang lalu
I would like to go trick or treating with Park Seo Joon!!<3
Chezka Valeroso
Chezka Valeroso 2 jam yang lalu
Thats our queen
Nabila Han
Nabila Han 2 jam yang lalu
khysley cute
khysley cute 2 jam yang lalu
irene cute
Joko Siswanto
Joko Siswanto 2 jam yang lalu
Zel Sulit
Zel Sulit 2 jam yang lalu
Your so cute 🥰😍😍😍
Nusrat Maisha
Nusrat Maisha 2 jam yang lalu
Do they sing and dance simultaneously?? All performances??
은지Anggie 2 jam yang lalu
00:01 - 00:03 i heard miley cyrus voice in her ❤️❤️
Jea Marie Eral
Jea Marie Eral 2 jam yang lalu
I think Umji is the youngest??
Hanim Hani
Hanim Hani 2 jam yang lalu
Jin woo birthday are same with my bias EXO DO KYUNG SOO
Bhandarkar Bhan
Bhandarkar Bhan 2 jam yang lalu
Why is he so cute?
Nsrin Daoud
Nsrin Daoud 2 jam yang lalu
ماسم هذا المسلسل وترجمته باعربية
Legend X
Legend X 2 jam yang lalu
Screaming at this lmao
Armblink,babies en animals Love
Armblink,babies en animals Love 2 jam yang lalu
I also experience that every day even my other family members exept my parents and sisiters they say that I'm so fat whenever I go outside most people stare at me and gossip about how fat I'am. My crush even insults me,uses me and bullys me because of that I became an introvert I also have mental illnesses like depression and anxiety not only that I also started to become scared of humans more than animals and reptiles. I even sometimes think 'should I just die' but I know my parents and sisters will be sad I experienced that at the age of 9 until now that I'm 11 tears old
fitri anggraini
fitri anggraini 2 jam yang lalu
Njay ekspresi nya bangsul🤣🤣
nur aiman
nur aiman 2 jam yang lalu
Kasihan v😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Charisa Iffana
Charisa Iffana 3 jam yang lalu
jisung aaaaaaaa
uincon power
uincon power 3 jam yang lalu
Hwasa is the eating queen
Jessica amellia
Jessica amellia 3 jam yang lalu
Wow jungkook keren banget AIM fans BTS dari Indonesia I LOVE YOU A.R.M.Y I PURPLE YOU 😊😊
Just Passingby
Just Passingby 3 jam yang lalu
I've been binge watching Jessi's shows since last month... & I'm just so happy for her. She's been working hard for so long, putting out her music out there without much k support and finally... seems like S.K's really giving her the attention & acknowledgement she deserves...after all these years...her tv appearances increased by leaps & bounds & I love it all❤
Lan wanji _x wei wuxian x lovers
Lan wanji _x wei wuxian x lovers 3 jam yang lalu
DamN HWASA!!! All hail the queen B hwasa . Such a talented person.
Amber Lopez
Amber Lopez 3 jam yang lalu
Agape Fika
Agape Fika 3 jam yang lalu
taehyung and jimin must have fainted if they saw the cuteness of gunhoo dance to their songs
Maryam Shahid
Maryam Shahid 3 jam yang lalu
Its my first time seeing an nct album..man its really thick lile a book, what do they write in there..!?!?
Nisrin Arane
Nisrin Arane 3 jam yang lalu
Lisa is beautiful without makeup 😍
Maryam Shahid
Maryam Shahid 3 jam yang lalu
Which of the boyz boy said you are so pretty..!??
Melisa 23
Melisa 23 3 jam yang lalu
He looks like SoMin's brother a little
Maryam Shahid
Maryam Shahid 3 jam yang lalu
The whole interactions are so wholesome and lovely...
Gun nnies
Gun nnies 3 jam yang lalu
This is so cute
takaa e
takaa e 3 jam yang lalu
I rather be a tall girl than be a short guy. Tall girls are beautiful, and have super model body. Short guys get no love by anyone, Period. lol
Zuhairi Marhani
Zuhairi Marhani 3 jam yang lalu
Best line vocal yall
Krishna 3 jam yang lalu
Thanks for your hard work 😂😁😁
Krisha Aranza
Krisha Aranza 3 jam yang lalu
annisa eyesha
annisa eyesha 3 jam yang lalu
Jae suk never failed.. he always sucses in every job.. I adore him so much.. I think no one can replace him..
urwa anarwala
urwa anarwala 3 jam yang lalu
Does anyone notice Lee know just starts involuntarily spinning when he gets confused about where to go? Also, poor Changbinnie lol he tried 😂
Gebrina Dwi Jelita
Gebrina Dwi Jelita 3 jam yang lalu
Omg my baby😭❤
Love Jimin
Love Jimin 3 jam yang lalu
ماحدا عربي هون 🙂 يلي عربي يحط لايك💜🌚
jdjdjd1999 3 jam yang lalu
gunhoo is such a Mood HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Morgan Gehouskey
Morgan Gehouskey 3 jam yang lalu
Damn I wish I could summon bts with a bell
Chenjis NONINNOCENT daughter
Chenjis NONINNOCENT daughter 3 jam yang lalu
That's not an Idol singer, He is our King of NCT
Ikeshia Grace
Ikeshia Grace 3 jam yang lalu
aww i love how jessi remind jong min when he said dawn is hyuna's boyfriend 😂
Ainun Rizka
Ainun Rizka 3 jam yang lalu
Guys vote di whostfan SVT sekarang posisi KE 2...YUKSSS CARAT....buat SEBONG BAWA PULANG BYK TROFI GAES...carat bisa!!!...
Christine Martinez
Christine Martinez 3 jam yang lalu
He's still my one and only Seojun 🥰💕
John Lee
John Lee 3 jam yang lalu
Imagine bigbang in 2035, Damm..
modtanoy hijklmn
modtanoy hijklmn 3 jam yang lalu
Perfect so hansome i love astro
Fate Joy Castaño
Fate Joy Castaño 3 jam yang lalu
Na tatawa si jk
Fate Joy Castaño
Fate Joy Castaño 3 jam yang lalu
Fate Joy Castaño
Fate Joy Castaño 3 jam yang lalu
Si jimin nakatingin kay Jin hahahhhhahahahahahahah
farin afifah
farin afifah 3 jam yang lalu
Jisung maknae really? I’m not believe.
Ganga Rai
Ganga Rai 3 jam yang lalu
Jin woo gives me Bentley’s vibes while eating.
Irish Reyes
Irish Reyes 3 jam yang lalu
Its my first time seeing lisa pinning her bangs for the show sooo cutee🥰🥰🥰🥰