Remembering victims of COVID-19
Sandra Nunes
Sandra Nunes 16 jam yang lalu
Talk Talk Talk No Point , Show the Proof & the Results !!!!!!!!!!.
Pamela Quinn
Pamela Quinn 17 jam yang lalu
I am not going to be a guinea pig. I pray for those that end up being one.
Victorian Sculptures
Victorian Sculptures Hari Yang lalu
Ripping that orange asshole a new one! it's NO WONDER he is so desperate to hide his returns!! he was attackign Amazon and others for paying "no" taxes while he himself did, TOO RIPE!!!! get that resignation letter out donnie-boy!!!
bbygrlpt2 Hari Yang lalu
Godspeed ❤️
Tiffany Topping
Tiffany Topping Hari Yang lalu
More than just "a conflict of interest" he was director of the board of Barisma, which had been investigated by the Ukrain Prosecutor's Office for MONEY LAUNDERING arrest we're made, assets were seized Hunter Biden's name is listed on the document filed with their courts & Joe BIDEN PUBLICLY BRAGS about SUCCEEDING in having that prosecutor FIRED for "corruption" with 0 evidence of him EVER committing any type of crime, not even one small teeny tiny one. While Joe was supposedly appointed by OBAMA to aid UKRAINE in creating policies to combat CORRUPTION within the UKRAINE. UH, yeah, one WOULD THINK that's a conflict of interest that would undermine the ENTIRE UNITED STATES REGARDING OUR US POLICIES. 🤷‍♀️
Dina Smith
Dina Smith Hari Yang lalu
Old Mechanic
Old Mechanic Hari Yang lalu
What virus? #@÷×! See you in a couple months!
Msrcx 1989
Msrcx 1989 Hari Yang lalu
T R U M P 2020 ♥
Colombianito 1985
Colombianito 1985 Hari Yang lalu
Colombian Americans 4 Trump 2020 🙌🏼 🙌🏼 ‼️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
bbygrlpt2 Hari Yang lalu
esflxian Hari Yang lalu
BS, he mentioned Trump and trying to establish credibility. Too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Newtotown 88
Newtotown 88 Hari Yang lalu
I'm Joe Hiding, and I forgot this message.
Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith Hari Yang lalu
Don't trust the Trump government. There will be no vaccine until 2022. Trump wants votes. Trump and Fox News are liars. Covid19 is a airborne virus. Wear a mask. I beg you.
liberty mom
liberty mom Hari Yang lalu
I will get a flu vaccine when: 1) vaccines undergo double blind studies. 2) Vaccine Courts are eliminated so Big Pharma carries responsibility and liability for their vaccines. 3) no aluminum or mercury in the vaccine 4) no aborted fetal cells in vaccine 5) no human or animal dna in vaccine 💉
bbygrlpt2 Hari Yang lalu
Christine Hunt
Christine Hunt Hari Yang lalu
Nope.....not taking flu vaccine......there is a link between people who take it and those that go on to get the virus....., sooooooooo........No.
bbygrlpt2 19 jam yang lalu
Christine Hunt At leas I KNOW more than FAKE DOCTORS. YOU need to stop bein an ignorant. ✌🏻
Christine Hunt
Christine Hunt 23 jam yang lalu
@bbygrlpt2 lol......and YOU know that because YOU of course are an expert to be listened to and followed.....because YOU know EVERYTHING there is to know about this virus? We learn more about this virus all the time. Pay attention and stop insulting anyone you dont agree with. It is disrespectful and rude.
big MIDGET Hari Yang lalu
RainyDayLady I’ve never gotten a flu shot and never hit the flu
bbygrlpt2 Hari Yang lalu
Christine Hunt Your ‘sources’ ARE INVALID. Period.
Christine Hunt
Christine Hunt Hari Yang lalu
@bbygrlpt2 no.......and I dont need your insults. Who said anything about conspiracy theories? You dont have a clue about whether or not my sources are valid but you are going to spin it that way. Shame on you. You think it is ok.....go for it.......
Ewa Borowczyk
Ewa Borowczyk Hari Yang lalu
Dzień dobry Kochani Dalej przedłużają falsz "pandemi" dla swoich planów BÓG Z NAMI
WeMust ProphesyAgain
WeMust ProphesyAgain Hari Yang lalu
You look like a fool standing up there all alone wearing a mask!
big MIDGET Hari Yang lalu
Taralya Mcdonough wow.
Stuart Chase
Stuart Chase Hari Yang lalu
@Taralya Mcdonough Also keeping the microphone clean and keeping the air clean for the next speaker
Taralya Mcdonough
Taralya Mcdonough Hari Yang lalu
WeMust ProphesyAgain he’s not alone, he is just the one speaking at the moment. Even if he was alone, he’s in a leadership role, therefore he should wear a mask. The complaint your making is heard from the right a lot
Yvonne Needham
Yvonne Needham Hari Yang lalu
Good testing, good acceleration under requirements, logistics set to distribute, I agree all is going well.
Paula Brown
Paula Brown Hari Yang lalu
Political the sign behind you dude! No one trusts your politically driven crammed through vaccine...nice try though.
Margaret Yim
Margaret Yim Hari Yang lalu
Baylor College of Medicine on Phase 3 COVID=19
Wow...thats Good Information and news.. Thx u for share.
Argad Argad
Argad Argad Hari Yang lalu
Hell he even takes his dirty underwear to clean it in the WH, instead of back home so he won't spend money
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen Hari Yang lalu
1:13 Dandy
Tim N
Tim N 2 hari yang lalu
Fakenews Media
2 hari yang lalu
Ambulance chaser
Nailjunkie 2 hari yang lalu
I’m not saying yes. I’m saying no to lies, hate, racism, white supremacy, corruption, treason, Russia, misogeny, I’m saying yes to Jesus. Love your neighbor. Yes to health care for all. No to profits for only the rich. I choose to save my soul, not sell my soul. God bless.
Richard word
Richard word 2 hari yang lalu
Trump mouth is moving a den so he's lying again
Ani Dadron
Ani Dadron 2 hari yang lalu
Barrett will set this country back 70 years!
don69123 Hari Yang lalu
What a stupid statement.
Mejia onerose
Mejia onerose 2 hari yang lalu
Ay salamat may nag translate
Mejia onerose
Mejia onerose 2 hari yang lalu
Dios ko po paano no na ang ating kaluluwa 85% ng ganon karami ng population ng Pinas ang Carholic hindi naman namin naiintindihan ang sinasabi niya paano na ang kaluluwa bulag bingi at pipi kahit may mga mata trnga at dila
Eric Wright
Eric Wright 2 hari yang lalu
REPUBLICANS False Accusations of DEMOCRATs Isn't Democracy. It's Dirty Politics. Ever since Bush-Cheney stole the election in Florida REPUBLICANS ARE FULL TIME .... DIRTY POLITICS. Not diligent ground game. CHEATING AT ANY AND ALL COSTS.
Angelina Graham
Angelina Graham 3 hari yang lalu
Thanks for looking at the issue of being an extreme minority where people are considered liberal yet don’t necessarily know how to walk the walk. A single baby step towards equality is futile in the long run.
Caliphate S C Hussain
Caliphate S C Hussain 3 hari yang lalu
Chicago Jews being covertly attacked. Need assistance 6961 w keeney Niles IL 60714. Whole towns taken over. No police only rogue police
Caliphate S C Hussain
Caliphate S C Hussain 3 hari yang lalu
Chicago Jews being covertly attacked. Need assistance 6961 w keeney Niles IL 60714. Whole towns taken over. No police only rogue police.
Alex tepe
Alex tepe 3 hari yang lalu
No one could have sung it better. GHWB would have been honored.
Rose Hightower
Rose Hightower 3 hari yang lalu
Why didn't the Democrates implement a strategy 4 years ago?
don69123 Hari Yang lalu
Because for the most part they are idiots.
Bear Williams
Bear Williams 2 hari yang lalu
You mean in Obama's "lame duck" session after the election, when Congressional Republicans holding both houses basically refused to act on any issue he that didn't benefit them enough or benefited the Democrats or Obama too much? Or a couple months later, when they were no longer in office and the Republicans were busy dismantling many of the strategies Obama put in place, like the pandemic office, climate change, and Obamacare? And a strategy for what? lol Is that a joke? A better question is *why didn't the **_Republicans_** implement an **_intelligent_** strategy 4 years ago* when they were coming into power? Instead, Trump went straight for the red meat, attacking healthcare and other programs that help individuals - which would be beneficial in a pandemic, giving tax brakes for corporations and millionaires, and attacking the rights of various minority groups. An even better question yet is why didn't _Republicans_ implement an _intelligent_ strategy *_7 months ago_* when the virus was still mainly in China? He _hates_ the Chinese. They've been one of his favorite boogeymen since he was a candidate and *he started a **_trade war_** with them.* There was all kinds of leaks coming from China through social media and private channels that it was worse than Beijing was letting on and there was a cover up. And Trump he had his own intelligence on the ground. But he just accepts Xi's word that it's "not that bad?" LMAO We now know *he lied about the severity and **_kept_** downplaying it* The one good move he made - which he touts over and over - the travel ban - was an easy call because he got to zing the Chinese while looking like he's taking action on the virus. 2 for 1. But then he dragged his feet of pretty much _everything_ for _weeks._ Testing is _still_ sorely lacking, as is a clear, _intelligent_ strategy. And yet, Trump and the Repubs keep trying to reopen... *with **_lethal_** results.* What is the saying about insanity and trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results and not getting them? We're dying for their insanity...
richard murchland
richard murchland 3 hari yang lalu
1corinthians chapter 15 versus 1through 4 romans chapter 3 versus 23 24 25 romans chapter 10 versus 9 10 13 john chapter 3 versus 16 17 18 ephesians chapter 2 versus 8 9 galatians chapter 2 verse 16romans chapter 5 verse 11romans chapter 1 verse 16romanschapter 5 verse 1.
daryl H
daryl H 3 hari yang lalu
Shut Down the Fucking Senate w/ IMPEACHMENTS !!!
Fishy Fishy
Fishy Fishy 3 hari yang lalu
100 % conflict. Judges are suppose to be impartial but I’m just dreaming.
new new
new new 3 hari yang lalu
Those poor pathetic losers!
Chance Robinson
Chance Robinson 3 hari yang lalu
COVID 19 Deaths worldwide = 2 million Annual Deaths from Tobacco = 7 million
Elithanathile Oathbound
Elithanathile Oathbound 3 hari yang lalu
While I agree with those numbers generally death from Tobacco require you to smoke where as COVID just happens. It is the reason why if someone told me that ten thousand people died skydiving without a parachute for fun I wouldn't call it a health problem-well maybe a mental health problem but certainly not as concerning as ten thousand healthy people just dying randomly. Additionally, COVID might kill more people though I hope it is not much more.
Kay Boswell
Kay Boswell 3 hari yang lalu
Do the people in louisiana know that Trump Party, house and Senate are going to pass a law to destroy the Affordable Care Act . Taking out the pre-existing conditions. Change Roe verses Wade. Donald Trump And Mitch McConnels don't care about the people of louisiana , they wanted to undo everything that Barack Obama did. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion
Susan Bradley Skov
Susan Bradley Skov 2 hari yang lalu
don69123 Where is the lie?Some of those things Trump has specifically said he wanted to do. Others he has tried to do and been stopped by the SCOTUS. Now he has a majority in the Supreme Court, with several judges who "owe their jobs" to him. You think he won't use that to extract favors? It's his modus operandi. Always has been.
Diana L. Clausen
Diana L. Clausen 3 hari yang lalu
I do not respect the way you respond, like a "hammer" who thinks anyone who disagrees is a "nail."
don69123 3 hari yang lalu
That is a fucking lie.
Susan Cruisin
Susan Cruisin 3 hari yang lalu
Susan Cruisin
Susan Cruisin Hari Yang lalu
@don69123 He is provoking Iran and China. The people who don't follow the rules go to his rallies.
don69123 Hari Yang lalu
@Susan Cruisin Yes that is why he is not getting the US in endless wars and is bringing soldiers home. He cannot be held responsible for idiots who defy public health rules and die from the virus. You have seen them packing the beaches etc.
Susan Bradley Skov
Susan Bradley Skov 2 hari yang lalu
Not for the people who have died, but for the living, with the people who have died in our hearts.
Susan Cruisin
Susan Cruisin 2 hari yang lalu
@don69123 Trump is the worst president ever. He has proved to be unfit for the job of protecting the people and our soldiers.
don69123 3 hari yang lalu
Don't be a fool. Democrats support crime.
Carla Garcia
Carla Garcia 3 hari yang lalu
0:26 I will create you a system which converts your visitors into buyers. whatsapp +79671570581
Stray Tarnish
Stray Tarnish 3 hari yang lalu
ms leathers and ms ackhour were crappy, mean, hateful teachers
Stray Tarnish
Stray Tarnish 3 hari yang lalu
My 4th grade sucked, teacher hated me before i was born, and so did the other teacher, i got in trouble for doing what i was told to do correctly :(
RedCloudBeechWaveAhh 3 hari yang lalu
Sorry that happened to you....
Least Trending
Least Trending 3 hari yang lalu
Funny how pbs is now a socialist propaganda network
Least Trending
Least Trending 3 hari yang lalu
@Anthony but youre the one with witch got triggered
Anthony 3 hari yang lalu
Dear Least Trending: The Republicans lie, and PBS reports it. You're a snowflake.
theuglykwan 3 hari yang lalu
socialist like Trumps $200 prescription drug gift card for seniors?
D 3 hari yang lalu
For 1) No, lol. For 2) Yeah socialism sucks. I hate roads, schools, public hospitals, electrical power, the military. Man socialism sucks.
RavenPoe 3 hari yang lalu
When you want to be ruled by a fascist dictator, everything seems like it's socialist 🤷🤷
Angelina Freeman
Angelina Freeman 3 hari yang lalu
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Stray Tarnish
Stray Tarnish 3 hari yang lalu
Obama 4 president 2020!
Xcd 2 hari yang lalu
TRUMP 2020
Stray Tarnish
Stray Tarnish 3 hari yang lalu
Bag heads and magpies lovingly living in a movie
Stray Tarnish
Stray Tarnish 3 hari yang lalu
Save the seals from big fisherman's bullshit
Michael Wiberg
Michael Wiberg 3 hari yang lalu
I’ve been listening in on a few discussions today and obviously the lack of leadership I’m feeling myself is being felt by many others. When a candidate is asked simple questions which should be expected and cannot truely give a good response it looks bad. Trump doesn’t understand wage differences between the public and bussiness. I’d believe he’s never really had to perform a task for an employer that paid so little he had to suffer it out but had to make it happen just to make it. He didn’t demonstrate a decent argument upon health care either, Veterans hospitals which there are but a few in our country should compete against the medical association for awhile. When a lawyer is paid before the medical staff gets paid it makes no sense, insurance companies are literally no better either. Too bad he’s not aware just where to apply pressure it makes him appear as a fool. With Biden as a candidate running against him he’s gonna have to think deeply where it’s going if he doesn’t get the election. Biden isn’t somebody I’d want to loose to how embarrassing if it happens! Racial issues should be played firmly nobody is entitled to anything thru thier race religion or sex it don’t work that way in America we have a level playing field enforced by law! He’s been working on others efforts likely blind bias for years. What would anyone expect from a man that builds luxury hotels in a getto. We haven’t much choice by whom or what we will get for a president this is not funny . By the wayAmerica has always been great but our government never listened to its people’s heart! If they had it be a better place altogether!
Elithanathile Oathbound
Elithanathile Oathbound 3 hari yang lalu
I am reasonably certain being the son of a millionaire he has never worked for a minimum wage or has had to figure out how to make a dollar stretch. This makes him-according to some-a real representative of America.
Rodney Torres
Rodney Torres 3 hari yang lalu
Plastic by big oil in the pacific disturbing the currents are a significant factor in the climate issue.
Cathy Larkins
Cathy Larkins 3 hari yang lalu
Schiff is a traitor and seditious.....arrest him! And now 9 months later we know it was all bogus!
Urban Tragedy
Urban Tragedy 3 hari yang lalu
Brenda Banks
Brenda Banks 3 hari yang lalu
What a bunch of garbage commentary. Judy Woodward declared that Donald Trump Junior speech was negative instead of letting the people decide for themselves, typical media running interference for the DNC. You’re all a bunch of hacks Pardison losers. This is not journalism it is advocacy.
Krazy Ivan
Krazy Ivan 3 hari yang lalu
Beware the lingering effects of communist subversion. It is a poison that kills silently over multiple decades. You must resist this toxin. This video is designed to demoralize you and broaden the definition of words in order to make these words essentially radioactive.
Igotta Hamm's
Igotta Hamm's 3 hari yang lalu
President Obama looks as if he's thinking, Hm, this is kinda awkward and interesting at the same time. 😊🇺🇲
charleswatson332 4 hari yang lalu
Top left guy looks like a secret service guy!! Lol
charleswatson332 4 hari yang lalu
Wish I was there !!