5 bulan yang lalu
GIANT STUMP Vs. CAR from 45m Tower!
How High Can You Catch an Egg?
SOCCER GOLF from 165m DAM!
Ashton Pearson
Ashton Pearson 12 jam yang lalu
How good!
abdul Q
abdul Q 12 jam yang lalu
You got to admit they faked the liquid plummer. They stuffed the sink with gummy bear all the way but if you look at the video where the chemical is clearing the pipe, the pipe is only filled about the bottom portion of the pipe. I didn't expect that from them. So fake.
karmakazi219 12 jam yang lalu
Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green
shadow wolf hanks
shadow wolf hanks 12 jam yang lalu
10000000000000 times LOL
큡ᄇ씨 12 jam yang lalu
Hi Im Andicus
Hi Im Andicus 12 jam yang lalu
You guys did clean up though right? That's a lot of bowling ball guts and craters.
ArcHow 12 jam yang lalu
This is great
Meow Garcia
Meow Garcia 12 jam yang lalu
U r the best
Jett Rink
Jett Rink 12 jam yang lalu
The Diane Feinstein nack blankets
Josiah Miner
Josiah Miner 12 jam yang lalu
I wanted to get it for my birthday
Josiah Miner
Josiah Miner 12 jam yang lalu
Hi I really want a one wheel
Stacie English
Stacie English 12 jam yang lalu
Eli Westbrook
Eli Westbrook 12 jam yang lalu
PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff
PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff 12 jam yang lalu
LMFAO the two Herrons was amazing.
jaden johnson
jaden johnson 12 jam yang lalu
Can’t believe the one wheel survived
dragunov525 12 jam yang lalu
You guys have the greatest job and a fun sense of humor.
Ashley Tucker
Ashley Tucker 12 jam yang lalu
Blue black pink white yellow
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 12 jam yang lalu
The barrel exploded like an anime character with a nose bleed.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 13 jam yang lalu
Okay fellas these drops are not comparable. Pavers with spacers are always going to break much more easily than pavers without. Just watch any karate breaking video.
Jake Martin
Jake Martin 13 jam yang lalu
You guys should be guest stars on that Apple and Onion show. Please IDshow
Lee 13 jam yang lalu
I would never get in the helicopter that small lol
mmickleoud 13 jam yang lalu
That might be the coolest slow mo I have ever seen!
Krisstopher Compton
Krisstopher Compton 13 jam yang lalu
Dillon Chan
Dillon Chan 13 jam yang lalu
I’d love to get a OneWheel
geody3001 13 jam yang lalu
All the pins fell toward the center before the sand hit them. It was from the shock wave in the ground. In fact, they fell against sand that would have pushed them outward, except for the shockwave. No doubt.
Eric Sharpsteen
Eric Sharpsteen 13 jam yang lalu
I love your channel. You are my favorite IDshowr's.
john jon
john jon 13 jam yang lalu
you need to move the fulcrum closer to the atlas stone, make it out of braced metal in a triple truss formation. and then use a double I-beam as the lever.
Paul Baker
Paul Baker 13 jam yang lalu
How good!
john jon
john jon 13 jam yang lalu
laminated veneer lumber
Isaac Buatti
Isaac Buatti 13 jam yang lalu
I’ve been wanting a one wheel for about 3 years now. Been saving up, but school makes it pretty tough. Fingers crossed
Dane Bridges
Dane Bridges 13 jam yang lalu
Even in Australia the asians run the convenience store game.
hannahmontana1290 13 jam yang lalu
Isaac Buatti
Isaac Buatti 13 jam yang lalu
One wheel
Casil Atkinson
Casil Atkinson 13 jam yang lalu
Where is the sword alex steele made yall?
Liam Trevaskis Mtb
Liam Trevaskis Mtb 13 jam yang lalu
now from the top it’s one wheel, with no bounce, that’s a WAP (Wheels At Perth)
Littlegamer295 13 jam yang lalu
Jeremy Basta
Jeremy Basta 14 jam yang lalu
Alex C:
Alex C: 14 jam yang lalu
Have they piked who got the xr yet
Diego Teran
Diego Teran 14 jam yang lalu
All the Rexy hats are sold out ):
Lesley Moulding
Lesley Moulding 14 jam yang lalu
I can flyyyyyy
Lesley Moulding
Lesley Moulding 14 jam yang lalu
Christian Mendoza
Christian Mendoza 14 jam yang lalu
Its a red jelly bean thas ma top guess
Christian Mendoza
Christian Mendoza 14 jam yang lalu
One thing on this video
Callan Bowman
Callan Bowman 14 jam yang lalu
Hi how are you
Cody Potter
Cody Potter 14 jam yang lalu
Sooooo, on the rock off, what if you each throw different rock, one paper and one scissor??? Inquiring minds want to know!
Yeman Abbas
Yeman Abbas 14 jam yang lalu
Keagan Vandeneykel
Keagan Vandeneykel 14 jam yang lalu
CuRse Jackson
CuRse Jackson 14 jam yang lalu
2 mins 3 secs
Zach Westerfield
Zach Westerfield 14 jam yang lalu
sunburnttongue 17
sunburnttongue 17 14 jam yang lalu
orange, black, green, white
Keagan Vandeneykel
Keagan Vandeneykel 14 jam yang lalu
Devri Adams
Devri Adams 14 jam yang lalu
Loved the new merch and can’t wait for the next round so I can get some before it sells out!!
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark 14 jam yang lalu
I wish I could afford one of those
SUPER SIBLINGS SS 14 jam yang lalu
Buttered Bread
Buttered Bread 14 jam yang lalu
2:13 just pure brilliant Italian mate 😂😂
#TeamLoboVape 14 jam yang lalu
Lemme get that one wheel ibwant one soo bad but theyre so expensive
Alex Wharton
Alex Wharton 14 jam yang lalu
a dinosaur toy hoping for a owner that would play with it not destroy it untill they took him and used him as a test dummy and now hes dead from this video. Shame
Payton Schneider
Payton Schneider 14 jam yang lalu
2 hours
Micah Davis
Micah Davis 14 jam yang lalu
You guys are legends! Love the content. Love the good ole boy Bruce.
Myles Playz Gamez
Myles Playz Gamez 14 jam yang lalu
12 hours
Max Charleston
Max Charleston 14 jam yang lalu
One wheel
Aaron Eads
Aaron Eads 14 jam yang lalu
Bobby: *shoots 3rd time* Me: Yelling Merica while eating bacon, and shooting bullets into the air. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Ryan Mcbrearty
Ryan Mcbrearty 14 jam yang lalu
Goronimus 14 jam yang lalu
you know, we should put whistles on bombs so they whistle as they are falling from the plane
Goronimus 15 jam yang lalu
0 geralds?
Karol brzuchalski
Karol brzuchalski 15 jam yang lalu
The small polish car 🇵🇱🇵🇱 R.I.P
NIKIL SHAMMA 15 jam yang lalu
Is it 102?
Terry C.
Terry C. 15 jam yang lalu
1,356,283 views, but only 216K likes. What's wrong with people?? How can that many people not even click on something at least? And why do people dislike the vids you make? Those are some dumb people.
Davy Crabb
Davy Crabb 15 jam yang lalu
Chris Gay
Chris Gay 15 jam yang lalu
One wheel xr
Reyaan Lakhani
Reyaan Lakhani 15 jam yang lalu
ima be mad if they dont make a rexy size onewhell
Jacob Woloson
Jacob Woloson 15 jam yang lalu
How Good
lfilson 15 jam yang lalu
This is my favorite channel to fast-forward on. :)
Liam Jarvis
Liam Jarvis 15 jam yang lalu
Mike Kroll
Mike Kroll 15 jam yang lalu
Onewheel vs. one Bruce!?!
dragunov525 15 jam yang lalu
The reason the hole in the ozone layer is above Australia 😉 Styrofoam and aerosol cans
Stuard Smith
Stuard Smith 15 jam yang lalu
I am sure the technical name for the "coney-joney" has been stated many times but the reason it happens is the force of impact is focused on the most dense point of the glass and the reverberation of the Shockwave wants to take the path of least resistance so it spreads out making the cone
Eric Carbone
Eric Carbone 15 jam yang lalu
Trampoline 0 One wheel 1
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson 15 jam yang lalu