SuperGamingUK 13 jam yang lalu
Anyone else watching this in Sep 20 due to the news of Bale returning
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 13 jam yang lalu
LMAO Clowns
Daanish Ahmed
Daanish Ahmed 13 jam yang lalu
The dislikes are from the man u fans
Indigator Veritatis
Indigator Veritatis 13 jam yang lalu
All the breakdowns are as follow: Izzy is going to try stay on the outside and tag Costa and wear him down. Costa is going to try to close the distance and hurt Izzy, otherwise it's a decision for Izzy
Joanne Abraham
Joanne Abraham 13 jam yang lalu
A juan MATA is 10x the player this player is....
Craig Gurder Smith
Craig Gurder Smith 13 jam yang lalu
Keep up the great interviews Adam the tech guy, most importantly he listens and asks questions related to the answers given
Adesuyi Muyiwa
Adesuyi Muyiwa 13 jam yang lalu
I am so pained and jealous
Vikings Lad
Vikings Lad 13 jam yang lalu
Costa by TKO
Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne 13 jam yang lalu
What was is Izzy said? " I'm gonna pump him before USADA does" 😂
jacqueline robinson
jacqueline robinson 13 jam yang lalu
stuck between Izzy and Costa?
The Timestamps Guy
The Timestamps Guy 13 jam yang lalu
Did these guys actually delete Colbys interview?
James H
James H 13 jam yang lalu
T wood is full of S*** so boring when talking always full of excuses.
Aj decosta
Aj decosta 13 jam yang lalu
best signing of the transfer window easily one of the best midfielders right now
Dixer 13 jam yang lalu
how cant brooon bummer contiue after ty beats him for the 3rd time if anything ty made his deonty life guarenteed wealthy retire dee your prob the worst heavy weight of all time no joke
Sensei sama
Sensei sama 13 jam yang lalu
Can't wait
John Wick
John Wick 13 jam yang lalu
City fan here but that's a class club making a class signing of a class player. 22 mil plus add ons is incredible. Meanwhile we spent 40 mil on a defender who played for a team that got relegated.🤦‍♂️
Daniel Maguire
Daniel Maguire 13 jam yang lalu
Yowzua kimmich
MegaGio 13 jam yang lalu
He can make the bench. Henderson will put him in his place
ronburgindee 13 jam yang lalu
On a scale of 1-10 how humble to people think izzy will be after hes knocked out ?
Sam Godfrey
Sam Godfrey 13 jam yang lalu
That pass tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
BV Accurate
BV Accurate 13 jam yang lalu
Am an Isreal fan, but Costa will win this
Pashizzle500 13 jam yang lalu
Wonder how long they've been sitting on this one
Realvin Fiasco
Realvin Fiasco 13 jam yang lalu
Muller is so underrated
Stevie B
Stevie B 13 jam yang lalu
The boys are gonna have to be sharp to keep up with his thought process. I envision him making passes that people don’t run onto at first because he sees things others don’t. No doubt they will gel pretty quickly though. Fantastic player and I’m so glad we finally got him after much speculation
It's Stizzy //Chid
It's Stizzy //Chid 13 jam yang lalu
HOLD UP What??? 7:36 does he not know Izzy has lost and has been knocked out? he knows what that feels like and damn sure will not want that happening again
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 13 jam yang lalu
stop comparing Gastelums success with costas chances against Izzy. Gastelum is a deceptively good striker check out his kos with the one-two. Paulo is basic, apples and oranges people
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 13 jam yang lalu
Everyone picking Adesanya this is a 50/50 fight.
Casey Richards
Casey Richards 13 jam yang lalu
Love Tyrone I hope he brings his A game
zed365 13 jam yang lalu
Are Liverpool going to have a 27 man midfield this season?
Qincent Rusca
Qincent Rusca 13 jam yang lalu
Owen hargreaves, what a terrible commentator he is
BENMJR - 13 jam yang lalu
thiago said he fell in love with our style after this match. Hhe envisioned playing with mane e salah
Veris 13 jam yang lalu
The only problem is that Costa vows to fight Adesanya the exact way Adesanya loves to fight. Hanging back and counter-striking while someone rushes in. So it’s a matter of taking Costa at his word to fight dumb not intelligently.
Yeet My feet
Yeet My feet 13 jam yang lalu
Its confirmed!?
Flako Flako
Flako Flako 13 jam yang lalu
Liverpool look scare team this season
blagden 123
blagden 123 13 jam yang lalu
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 13 jam yang lalu
Whats Nick Peet talking about Adesanya mic skills. Paulo has the better trash talk
Thomani Tshivhase
Thomani Tshivhase 13 jam yang lalu
I think people underestimate Israel punching power (speed, accuracy ).... even a small object can do a lot of damage if it moves fast enough ... look at the uppercut that dropped the former champion *
Brydox 13 jam yang lalu
I know Harry Kane
Dr Donald Blake
Dr Donald Blake 13 jam yang lalu
Can he do it on a cold, rainy night in Burnley? Would've said the usual Stoke but they're not in the Premier League.
Jack 13 jam yang lalu
Must be painful for a UFC bet like Dan to sit and listen to Nick’s dribble. Ps Nick, it’s a 25 min fight, not 15 😄
Pablo Espinosa
Pablo Espinosa 13 jam yang lalu
Jxnn11s 13 jam yang lalu
Brydox 13 jam yang lalu
I know Stevie G
Mohammed Ibrahim
Mohammed Ibrahim 13 jam yang lalu
Looking forward to this one
Mario Guzman
Mario Guzman 13 jam yang lalu
Izzy gonna fock him up!!
Aaron T
Aaron T 13 jam yang lalu
Bee's Knees
Bee's Knees 13 jam yang lalu
The league is over most likely Thiago is such a beast
Chris Tine
Chris Tine 13 jam yang lalu
god, social justice idiots are so annoying
Adam K
Adam K 13 jam yang lalu
Suarez is a rat with absolutely no morals, noone likes such vermin. End of story.
Kim Jong - Drill
Kim Jong - Drill 13 jam yang lalu
Just take the balloon animals legs out early and he won’t be able to explode forward with his combos or at least slow him down so that it’s easier for Izzy to pick him apart.
jacqueline robinson
jacqueline robinson 13 jam yang lalu
Or just beat the hell out of Izzy for 3 rounds so he can't make it to the 4th.
alex agranados
alex agranados 13 jam yang lalu
Why is it that we ever get a stats with reach of legs ? Can someone explain ?
Anixify 14 jam yang lalu
ramos literaly looked normal why do people do kinda videos like this he is also a human if he looks at a person that doesnt mean that ramos never done that before like wtf are those videos man
alex bruce
alex bruce 14 jam yang lalu
“one of the worlds best” with a combined total of 6 clips, 2 being tap ins
Jon Morgan
Jon Morgan 13 jam yang lalu
How’s Steve??
henry arthur
henry arthur 13 jam yang lalu
Just salty
NewWorldOrderFAIL 14 jam yang lalu
I didn’t think Liverpool would win the league this season. Now I think they’re favourites
Bahagia Selalu
Bahagia Selalu 14 jam yang lalu
Semoga keselamatan dan keberkahan selalu terlimpah untuk kita semua
Ronald R
Ronald R 14 jam yang lalu
wish zlatan was here
TZT 14 jam yang lalu
Two groin strikes during the Hall fight Hall would have beat costa
Yasin Patel
Yasin Patel 14 jam yang lalu
Feeling turned on
Greenolo Harola
Greenolo Harola 14 jam yang lalu
Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname 14 jam yang lalu
Salah and Mané about to let loose. There's just 1 big risk factor imo. Firmino loves dropping to midfield, but that won't be needed now with Thiago. Now Firmino needs to stay away from those spaces for Thiago to perfectly function. Really curious to see how Firmino will play now. If Liverpool had the funds and if it was realistic, I would've gotten a strong competitor for Firmino.
HoochIsCrazy 14 jam yang lalu
Minamino is Firminos competitor lol, also I think firmino will get more goals now as he won't need to try and create as many chances for Salah and Mané
Imran Umarji Imis fastfit ltd
Imran Umarji Imis fastfit ltd 14 jam yang lalu
Lots of competition this season Time will tell
Mwaura Munyua
Mwaura Munyua 14 jam yang lalu
Who’s here watch it before 1 million view